Lutheran Ministry to Nursing Homes

The Lutheran Ministry to Nursing Homes (LMNH) serves four local nursing facilities: Bay Area Healthcare Center, Fruitvale Healthcare Center, and Windsor Willow Tree Nursing Center in Oakland; and Crown Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Alameda. The Rev. Ned O’Donnell and volunteers from the five EBLP congregations (Resurrection Lutheran Church, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, and United Lutheran Church in Oakland, CA; and Trinity Lutheran Church in Alameda) visit each of the facilities weekly – providing a time of worship, as well as friendly visits and in-depth pastoral care for over 400 residents, staff, and their loved ones.

Our Mission is “to share the love of God that we know through Jesus Christ with the residents, staff, families and loved ones of the nursing homes we visit.” The Lutheran Ministry to Nursing Homes is with the folks at our 4 facilities through thick and thin. We bring many smiles to many faces. AND we are there when tears flow, listening, being present in pain and heartbreak, and bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the vulnerable in our world. Thanks be to God!!

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Rev. Ned O’Donnell

In October 2014, the Rev. Ned O’Donnell was installed as pastor of the East Bay Lutheran Parish’s Lutheran Ministry to Nursing Homes. Rev. O’Donnell received his Master of Divinity degree from The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and was ordained in 1993. He has a breadth and depth of experience, having served in both suburban and urban parish settings and also bringing to this ministry a background in Clinical Pastoral Education supervisory training. In addition, Pastor Ned served ten years as a Bereavement Services Manager and Hospice Chaplain.
In the diverse settings of the nursing homes of the Lutheran Ministry to Nursing Homes, Pastor Ned brings his passion to serve as an advocate to those in need, his experience in providing spiritual care to those who suffer, and his skills as an educator and volunteer coordinator.
As a theologian, Rev. O’Donnell views himself as a progressive Lutheran who is respectful of other people’s experience of the Divine, while remaining grounded in the knowledge of the God who has called him through ordination to serve in the name of Christ. This enables him to be present as a Christian leader in a variety of ecumenical settings and ministries. Pastor Ned understands that Lutherans have a unique way of understanding God’s grace-filled and merciful work in the world. He has been profoundly touched by Christ’s promise to always be with us – even through the worst of times – and by the privilege of ministering to others during those moments.
On a personal note, Pastor Ned grew up in New York and New Jersey. He moved to San Francisco in 1995. Pastor Ned loves spending time with family and friends. He also is an avid swimmer, enjoys sailing and kayaking, hiking and biking, and frequently finds himself at a movie, play or concert. He appreciates most kinds of music from classical to pop, as well as getting out on the dance floor to “bust a move”.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Ned at pastorned@live.com.

Learn More About the Nursing Homes We serve.

a. Bay Area Healthcare Center: http://compcareoak.com/
b. Crown Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center: http://www.cbnrc.com/
c. Fruitvale Healthcare Center: no website at this time
d. Windsor Willow Tree Nursing Center: no website at this time

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